How to Refresh a Brand on a Budget


It can be hard for a business owner to admit it’s time for change, especially if your current branding has served you well over previous years. However, just as you rotate stock to retain customer interest, it’s important to update your brand’s aesthetics too. If the thought of rebranding has crossed your mind even once, it’s probably time to seriously consider it. You don’t need to look at it as a full rebrand if that phrase scares you. Think of it as a “brand refresh.”

It doesn’t have to be hard work either. Keep the name that you’ve built your reputation on, and consider revitalising it with a more relevant, newer font design. Or if you wish to keep your original type, you could simply create new supportive elements to work around it. For instance, perhaps introduce a contemporary background pattern, change your colour palette or even create a new emblem.

The brand refresh is to represent what your business stands for today, not who you were yesterday. It’s most likely that your message and objectives have changed as the business has developed and the marketplace has moved on. So think about your current unique offering and aspirations for the future, then develop a new strapline to support your brand that will stimulate your target consumer.

Of course, I’m not going to deny that any change to your branding is an expense. It may lead to you replacing your shop front, garment tags, packaging and promotional material. However, I can guarantee that if executed well, the investment will be worth while when your existing customers remain faithful, and new customers buy into your brand with enthusiasm.

The refresh also gives you new PR opportunities, providing you with a great story for a press release that may interest local or trade press. The media is always keen to print business development news, which gives you the perfect chance to get your name out there and draw in interest from potential customers.

So my advice is to not allow your branding to pass its sell-by date. Don’t wait for your customers to get bored and venture elsewhere. Introduce an exciting burst of energy and treat your customers (and employees alike) to the chance to be part of an ever evolving brand.

This advice was recently published in WWB (Womenswear Buyer) Retail Trade Magazine


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