How Can My Brand Make the Most of Exhibiting?

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Exhibitions can present a wealth of opportunities if executed correctly. However, there are many factors that, if not considered carefully, can lead to disappointment. Sometimes, it can be bad luck, but I’m a strong believer that you have the power to change your fate if you eliminate the possibilities that could work against you.

I think we’ve all been the green eyed monster at exhibitions at some point, looking over at competitor’s stands that are bustling with people and are so impressive that you contemplate removing all association with your own stand. If you’re disheartened by your stand’s appearance, you’re more than likely to shrink back into the crowd and hide rather than attempt to draw people in.

Which is why it’s important to be prepared and proud of your offering, and it starts with planning. Don’t enter into an exhibition lightly. If you’re going to bother, throw yourself into the project whole heartedly. Firstly, do your research and make sure you’re entering the most appropriate exhibition for your brand. Try to get hold of last year’s exhibitors list and attendance records – these should give you a good idea whether or not your target clients are going to be there.

Secondly, acknowledge your reasons for exhibiting in the first place and set yourself objectives of what you want to achieve. Can you make a profit after all of the expenses? Bear in mind that exhibition costs are not just the hire of your space, but the design and manufacture of your stand, literature, merchandise, cost of manning the stand, travel expenses and so on. The whole thing can equal quite an expense, but there is usually a correlation between investments and profits.

The stand itself must be designed well to fight for attention amongst your competitors and instantly tell passers by whom you are and what you do. If observers can decide within a couple of seconds whether you are relevant to them and you have made a good first impression with your aesthetics, hopefully they’ll stop to explore your offerings further and give you the chance to convert them from a person in the crowd into a potential client.

After putting so much time, planning and investment into your exhibition, don’t leave attendance to chance. Be pro-active. Maximise numbers by making it public knowledge that you’re exhibiting. Send press releases into trade magazines, mail invites to existing and new clients, add it to your website events, or even sponsor the event and get the chance to advertise around the exhibition hall.

Do whatever you can to make sure that you are the stand, that all others are envious of and be a landmark within that exhibition hall.



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