New Look Dulay Seymour Goes Live

Let's Make Things Interesting

“A Decorator’s House is Never Finished” and not for one moment has a phrase been truer and held as much relevance for us here at Dulay Seymour. We’ve had meeting after meeting, followed by design after design, the development of our own website has outlived staff members and now, it has finally gone live.

This week marked a significant event for us here at Dulay Seymour, we completed and launched our new look website. It has taken a lot of pulling together and been a struggle to complete alongside client work but the full team are proud of our combined efforts and finally feel thrilled to direct people to our new digital home.

As we know the wheel never stops turning and as the site was being uploaded, I wanted to amend the HEX code of a 1 pixel line break. I guess the beauty of our new site layout is the room for expansion, so keep an eye open for on going developments. We now have a solid base to launch from but we intend to make things truly great.

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